Our Story

What's with the fan?

In 2005, Red Fan founder Kathleen Lucente and her husband moved from Hong Kong to Austin to raise their small daughter. After leaving a successful run as head of Asia Pacific marketing communications for JPMorgan, Kathleen was at a crossroads—should she continue her corporate life? Start something new? On the plane to Austin, Kathleen thought about what kind of life she wanted to have and imagined starting a high-power, boutique agency that utilized the integrated communications tools she had used in her corporate work. Kathleen knew if she started a firm, she wanted to work with great people, both on her internal team and with clients whose missions she could stand behind.

The name Red Fan consistently popped into her head as the brand she would build. It wasn’t just inspiration from her time in Hong Kong, but the whole shape and structure of the fan itself. A fan unfolds with possibility, gaining structural support from each of its sections, just like a well-functioning communications agency relies equally on—advertising, events, PR, internal communications. The idea that all of these components come together and integrate at the base of the fan was the ideal symbol for the integrated, connected communications firm that Kathleen wanted to build.

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