Metropia Austin: Driving a better city

Metropia is an incentive-based mobile app that analyzes traffic data to more efficiently guide users to their end destinations by routing them through less congested areas at specific times of day. Users can carpool and earn points that can be traded in to local merchandisers for food, gift cards and similar items.

To increase brand awareness and establish partnerships that could bolster its visibility, Metropia enlisted Red Fan to initiate conversations with media and foster relationships with local businesses that fit into Metropia’s business plan and goals.

In addition to helping the company launch in the Austin market through an innovative transportation forum, Red Fan immediately began seeking potential partners within its own network that would be a mutually beneficial fit. Red Fan introduced Metropia to the Trail of Lights Foundation. Using such a hyper-localized and popular event, Metropia built momentum by offering its platform as a way to get to, from and around the Trail, which closes several well-traveled roads each year.

Since Metropia's Austin launch in May of 2015, nearly 12 percent of the company's web traffic has come from earned media referrals.

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