Austin Trail Of Lights PR Team

Austin Trail of Lights

Now in their fourth year of partnership, Red Fan and the Austin Trail of Lights team approach each year with continued effort to increase exposure and education both locally and nationally. As such, it is important to the Trail and to Red Fan to integrate new programs, ideas and elements that engage new audiences and build on successes from 2013 to now.

From the introduction of new infrastructure and activities in 2013, to the Trail’s 50th anniversary in 2014, Red Fan consistently crafts clear messaging and unique, press-worthy moments in time that regularly garners press attention and interest.

Moving into 2015, the Trail of Lights team prioritized the following goals to bolster the event to the best it had ever been:

  • Build the Preview Party to be the primary holiday event in Austin
  • Garner a max-capacity of registrants for the Fun Run
  • Continued and increased national exposure
  • Increased awareness of the Foundation and its community engagement initiatives
  • Strong sponsorship renewal rate

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