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People in business like to say you can never have too many great ideas. That’s a wonderful aspiration when you’re brainstorming. Not as wonderful if you’re attempting to attract investors, partners and quality employees. When those stakeholders examine your company and deliberate on whether they should sign on, they don’t want to be dazzled by scattershot brilliance that’s all over the map. They want proof that your business and brand are secure and that you, as an executive, possess clear, specific ideas that project stability and that align with a cohesive business strategy and tangible, achievable goals.

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As of the date of this writing, I have crafted and delivered offer letters to nine of our 10 team members at Red Fan. Most of our team has been here for more than two years (some many more), and I’m constantly in awe of how our team works together nearly flawlessly given their varying backgrounds, personality styles, strengths and length of time separating their hires.

Social media presence

So you really don’t have the funds to go gangbusters on social media marketing, but you recognize the importance of having a unique presence on social media. Maybe you’re trying to sell a brand new product or attract more patrons to your restaurant—even B2B businesses can benefit from a great social media presence by attracting like-minded companies to work with, as well as new employees.


Brands taking stances on sociopolitical issues is a relatively new trend that has been accelerating steadily in the last few months. Since Donald Trump took office, we’ve seen a few prime examples of corporations speaking out for or against political issues.


In a past interview, Jackie Kennedy Onassis was praised for her intimate ability as a conversationalist that instantly resonated with her hosts, friends and acquaintances. After a journalist mentioned her charismatic rapport, she laughed her famous breathless laugh and responded, “I never really talk to people. I really enjoy just listening to what they have to say.”


Thought leadership can assume many forms during the course of a PR campaign. Native advertising is becoming more prominent and brands can pay for advertorials or contributed content to push an executive as an expert on a particular topic. These are loosely considered thought leadership components, but the most impactful and hard-fought pieces are earned. And when it comes to earned editorials, op-eds and bylines, the author is held to a higher standard of journalistic ethics and rules.


A couple weeks ago at the Culturati Summit here in Austin, I attended a panel that grappled with policies addressing politics in the workplace. Not office politics, but rather questions about wearing political gear at the office, the appropriateness of expressing political opinions on personal social media accounts, debating with colleagues or holding a town hall to discuss an upcoming election.


Fred Topel has been an entertainment journalist since 1999 covering film and television. You may have seen his interviews and film reviews on websites like Crave Online, Slashfilm,, We Live Entertainment, Cinema Thread and more.


So, you have a film at South by Southwest (SXSW) and you want to make a splash. Of course, you want to capitalize on this moment in time and make the most of your film’s debut.


As we lay to rest another (albeit shocking) end to a football season, millions of fans will lament the Falcons (while making some sly observations), celebrate the Pats (congrats Tom!) and start the countdown to next season’s kickoff. They’ll also join the rest of the world for the Monday morning advertising recap: checking out the commercials their friends talked through, watching full versions of website-crashing ads and picking their favorites, even if it was only 10 seconds long.


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