Exit Strategy

Time to reap the profits.

You’ve put in the work and built your business. Now it’s time to ensure the exit strategy takes your company to the next level. In this scenario, your positioning and reputation in your field make all the difference.

This is what you’ve been working towards.

Once we’ve garnered an understanding of your ideal exit, we develop a strategy for a successful departure. Red Fan will help you assemble the communication pieces you need to incite compelling conversations with the people who matter.

Materials may include:

  • A positioning audit to refine your messaging in support of expanding the company's identity to create a healthy valuation for the business
  • Strategic PR Plan and supporting pitch tools (b-roll, testimonial interviews, storytelling) to communicate leadership in the market
  • Supporting content (web copy, speeches, brochures)
  • Thought leadership positioning
  • Executive visibility – news, opinions, successes and killer content
  • Social media campaigns
  • Investor relations
  • Ramp up awards and accolades
  • Internal communications for helping to manage change

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