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Does your public relations strategy support your business strategy?

It should.

Whether you’re launching a company, growing your business or preparing an exit strategy, Red Fan delivers a communications platform that maps to your business objectives, resonates with your key audiences, strengthens your brand and delivers measurable results.

Are you positioned for success?

At Red Fan, we recommend a brand-positioning audit for companies in various stages of business. Startups are often in need of developing a solid foundation that guides messaging across every platform. An established brand may find that its existing messaging is falling flat or even confusing audiences. Others may be in need of refreshing their brand or image to stay relevant in a competitive market.

The audit involves internal and external stakeholder interviews and competitve analysis to determine the most strategic ways to advance a company’s business goals through an integrated public relations campaign. This audit acts as a measurable benchmark, preparing the client for press outreach and other strategic introductions, while offering smart insights to improve other aspects of their business.

Red Fan | Austin Public Relations Firm


The groundwork for a strategic PR campaign that reveals and strengthens brand differentiators, message development and storylines that resonate with target audiences.


Based on the results of the brand positioning audit, campaign components are determined and presented to the client with a timeline, budget and measurements for success.


Customized campaigns involving media relations, thought leadership, investor announcements and more - all executed upon with precision.

With Red Fan, no matter what phase your business is in, you’re always on message.

We are no strangers to the public stage.

We have the team, clients and results to prove it.

Small Team, Big Results
Proven Track Record
Story Builders
In The Know

“I didn’t truly believe in the power of PR and a PR agency as a strategic partner until I witnessed the impact that Red Fan had.”

Carlton Wade – TxHSA’s Board Member & Event Manager

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